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Electronics [11/2023]

Research Groups Laboratory Staff
Research field
Future Electronics Creation Plasma Electronics Professor Hirotaka TOYODA
Lecturer Haruka SUZUKI
Discharge plasma physics and chemistry are basically studied with applications to thin films processing and to wall conditioning of fusion reactors.
Plasma Nanoprocess Science Professor Makoto SEKINE
Lecturer Takayoshi TSUTSUMI
Smart nano-processing is studied with the fabrication of nano-structures for new nano-device and the measurement and operation of atoms, molecules and radicals. Discharge plasma physics and chemistry are basically studied with applications to thin films processing and to wall conditioning of fusion reactors.
Information Device Engineering Intelligent Devices Professor Yasufumi TAKAHASHI
Lecturer Hiroki IDA
Intelligent Devices (S2) Associate Professor Tsuyoshi UCHIYAMA
Amorphous Wire & CMOS Based Sensitive Micro Magnetic Sensors (MI Sensors) and Applications to Intelligent Sensing. Bio-magnetic Field Measurement Using GMI Sensor for the Purpose of Medical Diagnosis.
Semiconductor Engineering and Integration Science Professor Seiichi MIYAZAKI
Associate Professor Katsunori MAKIHARA
Silicon-based novel functional devices with quantum structures. Materials and process integration for new generation nanoscale electron devices
Advanced Devices Professor Jun SUDA
Professor Yuji ANDO
Associate Professor Masahiro HORITA
Quantum System Engineering Quantum Opto-Electronics Professor Norihiko NISHIZAWA
Assistant Professor Shotaro KITAJIMA
Development of advanced optical and laser diagnostics techniques for plasmas and applications of non-equilibrium plasmas to light sources and materials processing.
Integrated Quantum Devices and Systems Professor Akira FUJIMAKI
Associate Professor Masamitsu TANAKA
Preparation and Integration of superconductive devices based on low- and high-temperature superconductors are studied toward future sensor systems, information network devices, and quantum computing systems.
Optical Electronics Professor Kodo KAWASE
Assistant Professor Kosuke MURATE
We are investigating development of compact THz-wave sources and their applications for Non-destructive THz imaging, high sensitive sensing, and novel advanced measurements.
(Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability)
Semiconductor Electronics Professor Hiroshi AMANO
Associate Professor Yoshio HONDA
Lecturer Maki KUSHIMOTO
Study of compound semiconductors for the photonic and quantum devcies; hetero-epitaxal growth and characterization of GaN and GaAs nano-structures, MOVPE, MBE, femto-second spectroscopy.
Nano-Spin Devices Professor Takeshi KATO
Assistant Professor Daiki OSHIMA
Basic researches on spin tunnel effect, magnetic superlattices, nano-magnetic materials and spin dynamics, and their application to magnetic random access memories, magnetic recording and magnetic sensors.
Nano-Electronic Materials Professor Nobuyuki IKARASHI
Associate Professor Masahiro NAGAO
Assistant Professor Emi KANO
Nano-Electronics Devices Professor Yutaka OHNO
Assistant Professor Masahiro MATSUNAGA
Assistant Professor Haruki UCHIYAMA
To develop innovative LSIs we are engaged in research and development of quantum effect devices using nanostructures.

Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Information Engineering, School of Engineering, Nagoya University.
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8603 JAPAN
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