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Electrical Engineering [04/2023]

Research Groups Laboratory Staff
Research field
Electric Energy Electric Energy Storage Engineering Professor Tomokazu FUKUTSUKA
Assistant Professor Seiji KATAKURA
Energy Control Engineering Professor Yasunobu YOKOMIZU
Assistant Professor Naoto KODAMA
Energy Systems (Chubu Electric Power) Funded Research Division
Designated Professor Mikimasa IWATA
Designated Assistant Professor Mir Sayed Shah DANISH
Research on (i) high current phenomena and interruption, (ii) contriving measurement method and next-generation equipment and (iii) AC and DC electrical-distribution systems with dispersed generation.
Electric Energy Conversion Engineering Associate Professor Akimori TABATA
Study on amorphous and nanocrystalline silicon-based semiconductor materials from hot-wire CVD and sputtering techniques and their electronic device applications.
Electric Power Apparatus and Energy Transmission Engineering Professor Naoki HAYAKAWA
Associate Professor Hiroki KOJIMA
Development and optimization of environment-benign electirc energy system with superconducting power apparatus, renewable energy and energy storage system.
Electric Power Apparatus and Energy Transmission Engineering (S) Associate Professor Muneaki KURIMOTO
Studies on high-withstand-voltage solid dielectrics (nanocomposite, etc.), energy harvesting, 3D printing and topology optimization in power generation apparatus, transportation and mobility.
Energy Systems Engineering
(Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability)
Professor Takeyoshi KATO
Assistant Professor Chiyori URABE
Optimum introduction and control of distributed generators, e.g. cogeneration, PV systems, etc. Improvement of performance and reliability of power apparatuses and their materials for environmentally friendly energy system.
Power Electronics Professor Masayoshi YAMAMOTO
Associate Professor Jun IMAOKA
Our research targets are high power density and high efficiency performance power conversion systems suitable for automotive area and aircraft applications.
Advanced Energy Plasma Energy Engineering Professor Noriyasu OHNO
Associate Professor Hirohiko TANAKA
Extensive research on control of high heat flux plasma, plasma-material surface interactions, atomic and molecular processes in edge plasmas of nuclear fusion devices, and pioneering new fields of plasma science, such as dusty plasmas, high pressure RF plasma.
Functional and Energy Materials Engineering Professor Yutaka YOSHIDA
Associate Professor Tomoya HORIDE
Studies on thin film processes of superconductors, oxide dielectric materials, thermoelectric materials and their applications to devices.
Fusion Electromagnetic Material Engineering Professor Hiroaki NAKAMURA
Study on plasma facing materials under plasma irradiation and electromagnetic wave transmission through the corrugated wave guide using computer simulations.
Space Electromagnetic Environment
(Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research)
Space Observation Professor Kazuo SHIOKAWA
Associate Professor Yuichi OTSUKA
Associate Professor Nozomu NISHITANI
Associate Professor Claudia Maria MARTINEZ CALDERON
Assistant Professor Taku NAKAJIMA
Studies on electromagnetic environment in the ionosphere and magnetosphere through observations using radars, GPS radio waves and optical equipment.
Space Information Engineering Professor Yoshizumi MIYOSHI
Associate Professor Takayuki UMEDA
Study the transport of plasmas and relationships in the sun-earth system by using information technology such as computer simulation and data processing.

Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Information Engineering, School of Engineering, Nagoya University.
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8603 JAPAN
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