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Communications and Computer Science [10/2023]

Research Groups Laboratory Staff
Research field
Communication Systems Visual Information Professor Toshiaki FUJII
Associate Professor Keita TAKAHASHI
Assistant Professor Chihiro TSUTAKE
Study on visual information and communication systems such as data compression, image processing, multimedia, 3D images, Free Viewpoint Television and ITS.
Information Networks Professor Hiroshi HASEGAWA
Associate Professor Yojiro MORI
Future network technologies that include photonic networks, broadband networks, and next generation multi-service networks. Focuses are on network architectures, photonic network systems/devices, and network control and transport technologies.
Advanced Information Environment Professor Nobuo KAWAGUCHI
Associate Professor Takuro YONEZAWA
Assistant Professor Kenta URANO
We study smart and ubiquitous computing systems to support human life. We also support ubiquitous communications which enable anyone to access any information at anyplace, anytime , anywhere.
Information Engineering Professor Tetsu IWATA
Our research area is the information security technology mainly from a cryptographic point of view.
Wireless Systems
(Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability)
Professor Masaaki KATAYAMA
Associate Professor Hiraku OKADA
Assistant Professor Chedlia BEN NAILA
Development and analysis on multimedia wireless systems based on communication and information theories, traffic theories, and signal processing theories.
Communication Theory Professor Takaya YAMAZATO
Lecturer Shan LU
We aim to approach the essence of communication from a perspective beyond the existing framework of communication.
Information Systems Computer Architecture Professor Hideki ANDO
We are investigating microprocessor architecture for high-performance and low-power consumption.
Intelligent Systems Professor Satoshi SATO
Associate Professor Kohei OGAWA
Assistant Professor Tomonori KUBOTA
We study natural language processing and automated editing technologies, which generate information packages with high readability and usability.
Control Systems Professor Shinji DOKI
Associate Professor Yuki FUNABORA
Human-like robots based on brains with emergent soft computers, intelligent motion control systems with the signal-symbol hybrid systems and advanced motor drive systems with adaptive and robust controls.

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Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Information Engineering, School of Engineering, Nagoya University.
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