Associate Professor Hiroshi Hasegawa

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Associate Professor Hiroshi Hasegawa

Academic degree : Doctor (Engineering)
Affiliation : Department of Information and communication, Graduate
School of Engineering,
Address : Integrated Building North 6F, Fro-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.
Fax : +81-52-789-3641
Tel : +81-52-789-3641
E-mail :

Research Activities

In the process of information transmission, the received signals are degraded by various factors such as signal distortion, noise, signal interference, and signal compression. In modern communication networks, signals are transmitted and received in the form of “packets”, which raises the significant issues of packet loss and delay. The fundamental technical challenge on telecommunications is to estimate and extract the desired signals from the received distorted signals, so that correct information signals are obtained.

I have been focusing on time-frequency analysis for estimating the desired signals with a high degree of accuracy, and doing research on the communication systems for realizing desired signal detection. Furthermore, the research area has been expanded to include super-resolution image recovery, where the desired super-resolution images are correctly estimated and recovered. Current research now includes basic technologies to realize the flexible and high-speed networks that will contribute to the highly-sophisticated information society.

Development of basic technologies on communication networks

Broadband access is progressing throughout the world and as a result, the amount of traffic is increasing rapidly. In this circumstance, ultra high-speed networks are one of the essential infrastructures for satisfying user’s demands for information retrieval at anytime and anywhere regardless of quantity or speed requirements. I have been developing both basic technologies to design such a network, and the theory of traffic control for utilizing network resources in the most efficient manner. The research includes the following concrete topics.

  1. Study on the basic technologies for high-speed network design and realization, and the supporting mathematical approach
  2. Study on the traffic control methods that utilize the statistical approach, which combines both precise quality controlled networks(ATM) with decision theoretic approach and networks without quality control such as IP networks
  3. Study on quality control for transmission loss sensitive applications (such as moving pictures) on the transmission paths that have the bottleneck of transmission speed
Super-Resolution Image Recovery

Time-Frequency Analysis

Multidimensional System Analysis/Design

  • Research on the Optimal Approximation

Career as a university research staff

As a member of NOC at Tokyo Institute of Technology (The following was described when I was with Tokyo Institute of Technology)

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As an assistant professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology

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