Nobuo Kawaguchi

(Dr. Eng)

Institute of Innovation for Future Society, Nagoya University
Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University
( Department of Computational Science and Engineering,
Graduate School of Engineering , Nagoya University )

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I'm Nobuo Kawaguchi, a professor of Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University. My primary interest lies in the area of mobile computing, wireless networks, ubiquitous computing, distributed computation, functional programming, program transformation, verification, and support environment for programming activities. I also started to study about multi-modal user interface with speech understanding.
Last Update 21, April, 2014

Research Projects:

Mobile Adhoc Network

We propose a framework for the autonomous distributed communication sysytem in a mobile environment. We describe autonomous communication protocol for a ad-hoc network and an implementation of mobile system using the protocol.

Ad hoc Infrared Network (IrNET) Distribution

Simultaneous Speech Understanding

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TERSE :TErm Rewriting Support Environment

We developped a graphical environment for TRS by CML (Concurrent ML) with eXene (X-window libraries). To implement this environment, we proposed a new idea "term visualizatoin" which makes the analysis of terms intuitively. The aim of the environment is to support analysis of term rewriting computation. The environment allows us to manage multiple terms and rules simultaneously. It also helps us to analyze the structure of a term by providing us with graphical tree representation of the term, through which we can easily edit the term and select the redex to rewrite.
Some snapshot from TERSE are follows.
    Main Window
    Term View
    Term View with instruction
    Sequence View
    Color Palette

Old Interest(Hobby):

Newton Technology from Apple Computer

Newton is a fully new Technology for Personal Degital Assistance. I really love this one. If you have a interest, please visit my info. service.

[Newton Info. from Nagoya Univ.] (Obsolute Link. Sorry)

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